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    .....You can no longer hurt my nonexisting soul.....

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    The Big Apple!
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    Writing poems, shoping,parks,painting etc.

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  1. lost

    Hi There

    Welcome! I hope you find healing and friendship here.
  2. Hi and welcome to AS. I am sorry that you have gone threw those horrible things. Family should be the main people you can trust. But I am proud of you to want to heal, it shows that you are a survivor!!!!!! Feel free to pm anytime.
  3. welcome to A S you will find lots of support and hugs. I hope that you find peace within yourself, you deserve to heal.
  4. lost


    welcome. hope you find peace...........
  5. welcomt to AS you will find alot of support from some great people. So sorry you are going threw so much espically at such a young age. But you are strong because you are. Lots of sent your way
  6. Welcome to As sorry u are going threw this. But here u will find love and support Sending u much love and lots of
  7. lost


    Welcom to As. Here you will find people who are here to listen to you. And give their thoughts, and words of wisdom. You are on a healing journey....... Lots of here.
  8. welcome to As. I am new also and already they have made me feel comfortable. You are on the right road to start your journy on the healing road. Take care!
  9. wave: I stumbled upon this site off of a list I looked up. I hope I am in the right place.
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