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  1. I'm older! By about 15 hours!
  2. So, after thinking about this for a while and trying to figure out how to introduce myself, this is what I've come up with. Thanks for reading! I'm Scout. Yes, that's my given name. I love it! My partner/wife/lifetime love is the beautiful and amazing Jill. We are both survivors actually. Me to some pretty bad CSA and r*pe by a stranger. I was diagnosed with DID a few years ago. Still trying to figure it all out. Trying not to feel totally and completely insane and out of control. But, it's getting easier. And with Jill's help and support, I know that I'll ........ we'll ....... be ok! I have an amazing therapist who I've been seeing for about 6 years now. I was told about this website by a friend and she said how much it has helped her. (I think I mentioned that before.) I've been overwhelmed with the welcomes and truly appreciate it! I'm hoping that by joining this site, I can not only get some feedback and help with my issues, but also try to help others too. I'm at the point in my life where I'm "ok" with what happened to me. I guess "ok" isn't really the right word, but I'm able to accept that it happened and I'm able to talk about it now and deal with it. I wouldn't be the person I am if it hadn't happened. If that makes any sense. And I am happy with who I am. I am proud of who I am. I LOVE ME!! Wild, crazy, insane me! ALL of me. I remember the days of shame and humiliation and guilt and just overwhelming depression. And I refuse to go back to that. I deserve better and so does everyone else here. Yes, I still have my down moments. I still have my depressive times. But, I try very hard to not let that take over. I'm a pretty open book, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions! Take care everyone!!! You deserve the best!!!!
  3. Thank you all for the welcomes.
  4. Wow! Too cool, NemosChild! Wonder who's older. What time were you born? I think I was around 5 in the afternoon. Something like that! How funny!
  5. Hello all. I'm Scout. Not really sure what to say here. I was told by a friend to check out this site because it has helped her so much. Thanks.
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