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    Looking after abused and neglected dogs

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About Me

I was abused as a child, Married to a narcissistic sadist for 45 years before

he died in 2011.. I have 2 natural daughters and *his* son, who I am proud to

have been able to bring up as my own. I have four grandchildren, three boys and

a girl. All living in England/Wales (update) as of 2015 my eldest daughter (also a

survivor) and her husband have moved out here permenently, about 8 minutes away.

I rescue dogs that have been neglected/cruelly treated/abused and this has become

my life line,I have six, they give so much in return for so little. I work, when I can, at

the refuge centre, 50 kms away, one of the best in the country. I have lived in France,

in a National Park since 1990 Although lonely I would never go back to GB .

Hobbies; TV, walking in the surrounding forests with my 6 dogs. I also run a small

holiday home that I bought with my inheritance from my parents, I meet a lot of lovely

(the odd not so nice) people, of all nationalities, through this, some come back year

after year and have become friends, and a lot have moved out here on a permanent

basis on their retirement.

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