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  1. Hi Dandeliongirl. Justwokeups advice is spot on. Your first few days on here are hard because your lost, you want to tell your story but dont know how or are afraid to and you just dont know where to turn. So just start reading others stories and you'll start feeling at home. You'll soon realise that there are MANY stories out there and they all differ in nature, severity (which is not to say less severe means less painful to the individual), type and every other way. But the important part, and the bit that makes this forum works, is that despite the different circumstances, many of the thoug
  2. BFH0911


    With you on that one MJA. Doesnt sound terrible at all. Thats what we are all doing here. seeking help and support from people who have some idea of how much it hurts and how hard it is to get over whatever IT may be for each person. Welcome to your own private venting machine!!! Take care B x
  3. HI there. Sorry that you have to be here because of what youve been through but glad to see your seeking help and support just like the rest of us Im relatively new here too so just finding my feet and finding confidence to make and respond to some posts. Welcome to AS B x
  4. Hi there. Glad you found this site and found the courage to speak about what happened to you. Im sorry to hear what happened and sorry to hear that you are struggling to come to terms with it. You are not alone as Id say 99% if not 100% of the people on here are here because we are struggling to come to terms with our own circumstances, I know I share many of the feelings you discussed including problems with intimacy and am too trying to find answers as to why I feel like this and if it is to do with the past abuse. Im not sure what I was looking for when I joined recently either but Ive foun
  5. Hi hunny. I know you feel like that right now and I am in no way here to belittle your feelings. I understand honestly I do. I do not share your eact experience but I know it feels like theres no way to go on and nothings ever going to get better. But it can and it does hun. Its been about 4 months since I last had thughts that life wasnt worth it but Im so glad I didnt do anything about it. Its been very hard getting though and some days are harder than others but life is good again. Its not great, theres still bad days and I still have a long way to go..I wouldnt be on this forum if I wasnt
  6. BFH0911

    New Here

    Hey there. Welcome to AS. Fairly new myself too so feel free to say hi x
  7. BFH0911


    One step at a time jenz. Its not a race. We are all here to support u if and when u feel ready to share. I havent found the courage to say much yet! I waited a long time...about the same as u before I told someone. Its still a secret to all but a few select people. Time is a healer as the saying goes but only once ur facing up to it and i ran away and hid from it for too long so am only just beginning the healing process. Uve taken the first steps towards helping yourself heal.Well done. B x
  8. Thank you so much for ur post ALongUnwinding. im sorry to hear that uve been through hell with ur abuse. Im finding it seems to be a common theme on here...blaming ourselves instead of the people who should be blamed, thinking we are not worthy of help and thinking that everyone else is worse off. Mayve one day il take it easy on myaelf...maybe. Thanks for taking the time to reply and for ur kind words. it means a lot thank you x
  9. One word I would never use to describe u is weak!! Youve shown enormous strength of character to come thro the abuse as a child and then trauma as an adult! What happened when u were a child was not ur fault and u shouldnt blame yourself. you did not let anything happen because you were a child and had no choice. This was bad enough but to have endure your assault recently too...god knows how u must be feeling. of course its going to bring all the old feelings flooding back. I really wish there was something I could say or do to make things better for you but all I can do is tell you how well
  10. Amanda if you need to talk please message me. Dont think that you are alone. We are all here to help you through this so please reach out if you need to. We are all here to help each other. B xx
  11. Yes you are amanda. you are very strong you just dont feel it right now. YOU CAN DO THIS! Bx
  12. Same here amanda. message me if u need to tak. remember u r stronger than u think x
  13. BFH0911


    Hey Natalie. same here. its good to have somewhere to vent and people to talk to that have some undersranding of how u feel. hope u get some help for whatever it is thats broughy you here and enjoy being part of AS community. only just joined myself and its so refreshing to be able to say stuff on here I cant say to my family and friends. im always here if u need to talk. B x
  14. Hi Guessangelina. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and reply. I guess I was about 7 when it happened. I spent my whole life in silence telling myself it was nothing or that it was my fault and even when I spoke out at what had happened I still didnt see it for what it was, kept making excuses for the boy and kept all the blame to myself. It took months of therapy for me to see that this wasnt the case and that it was wrong.and accept it for what it was. However I still cant get it all straight it my head. I still blame myself. I still cant accept that its ok for me to feel like this
  15. I know u want the feelings to go but the way out ur thinking of isnt the option. i wasnt raped like i were so do not truly understand ur pain but i was sexually abused as a child and only recently spoke out about it and started coming to terms with it since then. when it first came out I was in a very bad place and I thought. about ending it cos it seemed like the only way out of it all. Im so glad I didnt tho...I stuck it out, worked hard in therapy and got thro the worst. It still hurts...likr mad sometimes and im a long way from being over it but I get thro and life is bearable again. Uve b
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