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  1. ally6

    Hello :)

    Thank you! I am sorry for what you have experienced as well but am glad to hear that you and others have found methods that actually aid in the healing process.....it seems almost impossible at times
  2. Hello everyone! I'm not new to After Silence but until now I haven't felt ready enough to start posting or start moving forward. Hopefully I'm a little bit braver this time around
  3. Thank you for the warm welcomes
  4. Hey, I'm new to this forum and a bit nervous about being here. I've been dealing with all the emotions that goes along with what we've all been through that has brought us here on my own. I've found that I've reached a road block to what I can do by myself. I'm 20 so I figured it's time to make a change. I joined this forum to ease into opening up to other people on my own terms. Thanks
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