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  1. Lungs are absolutely wrecked. Doctor says it's not an infection but there are moments when I wonder whether I should be in hospital. Getting asthma attacks every time I go outside after noon when the air goes super cold. Ugh. That's why I've not been around much anyway, not much spare energy to be supportive, sorry for anyone who's been hoping to bump into me in chat. Will be back properly soon hopefully. Maybe another few days of chugging ventodisk inhalers will give my lungs the message they should shut up sometime :P

  2. Feeling really alone ...

  3. Migraine URGH. laid in a dark room with a cold pack on my neck and my cat for company. 

  4. Said out loud for the first time that I have had suicidal thoughts in the past during therapy tonight.  The largest bubble in my throat has finally popped.  

  5. Need someone to talk to who isn't gonna make me feel like I dont matter. After what just happened thinking about Deactivating my account.:unsure: #theforgotten 

  6. Today is my birthday :)

  7. I cannot leave you a message????


  8. Missing my bestest so much today, feeling like a terrible friend, she deserved better, a better friend.

  9. :tear: Struggling with a migraine for the past few days, today it went to a 10. Went to the hospital this afternoon, right now it's a 7, really getting tried of them.

  10. I am sad. I am exhausted. I want this trial to be over and at the same time I dread it. 

    Why do I care so much about the DA valuing me and caring? Why does it hurt me when she doesn't show either? I wish I could stop...It hurts...

  11. Random thoughts;

    I've counselling tomorrow which I'm dreading, I took a 3 week break as she needed hols and I needed a Tuesday afternoon off too. I'm shitting bricks actually. No real reason apart from every time I go in there, it's a reminder of why I'm there.

    I've family staying with me at the moment so that's why things are quiet with me. The remainder of them are arriving tomorrow. I've had a productive 3 weeks. Cleaned the house top to bottom, painted the place inside. Revamped the living room. Been pretty busy. And also went to see the Police. So, that's playing on my mind too.

    Feel like vomiting at the thoughts of tomorrow :(

  12. I'm taking a break from AS for a while. But, I wish everyone the best on their healing journeys. 

  13. Hope that your mom was able to come over and that things have been a bit smoother than you thought. You must be excited that your husband is coming back soon!

  14. Feel exceptionally paranoid.

  15. I am so exhausted I could cry - I ache all over.

  16. having a rough day

  17. Feel really sick & panicked

  18. Wow something changed.  The site has a new look an I lost all of my followers, plus people I was following.  Plus it said I had put someone on ignore, when I never put anyone on ignore.:ohmy:

  19. (((((((field)))))))

  20. Ok got to go flip out now

  21. do i really belong here

  22. (((Field)))

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