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  1. don't feel like caring about ppl anymore, isn't worth it to me anymore

  2. You are amazing Fieldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. why? why anything, why? why get crap for kindness, why? why ? not my fault anymore

  4. So tired of feeling like crap & having S### days cause of reasons , some days it feels like nothing's gonna change so I should stop trying it's ridiculous... but tiring and stressful & sometimes it just feels like there's no winning... 

  5. Feel so ill & have a temperature 


  6. sending lots of peace to as members and respect for their struggle

  7. I miss you Wishes

  8. Stressed out as hell so sick and tired of things seems very pointless :ranting:.

  9. Feel triggered by something my mum was watching...


    i wont go into detail about what it was but.

    the way I feel inside is I'm crying on the inside and feel scared for some reason :( ...

    maybe new trigger?

  10. I don't want to go back to the hospital. It would ruin everything. 

  11. people i thought were friends weren't 

  12. hanging on by a thin thread today waiting for it to snap kinda hoping it does had enough of this crap

  13. Feeling unwell and tired and weak too. Hate this cold it's so draining.

  14. How do I tell my bestie that I'm really in trouble?

  15. one more week till we go to MAYO

  16. one more week till we go to MAYO

  17. Hurting big time all day. Make it stop. Silently freaking out.

  18. lights a candle for all the darkness 

  19. My boyfriend and I broke up today :(

  20. am very shaky right now 

  21. am very shaky right now 

  22. Oh great yet another thing that is my fault

  23. Oh great yet another thing that is my fault

  24. am very shaky right now 

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