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  1. Why do we have no friends ūüėĘ

    why when we need them do they all go away? So sad! So sad...

  2. Today is my 47th wedding Anniversary 

  3. Dissociation is bad. Feel so lost in time. Everything has been all distorted for months and I can’t seem to get a grip :( 

  4. I think my first psychiatry appointment went well.  Plan on starting the meds either Sunday or Monday.  

  5. not up for anymore humans

  6. wish i could  disappear so sad angry and alone 

  7. Go away please. You are scaring me.

  8. really missing you, so much I need to tell you :(

  9. I am counting getting out of bed today as a major victory. I just wanted to stay home where people cannot attack me. I forced myself to go to work which was no easy feat. An article came out in a magazine this weekend for which I interviewed. I will post it. I got great feedback but of course you have to deal with the usual ignorance, too. Things like this always drain me and I don't know why. There were some issues with people on Facebook and I am just feeling too vulnerable right now. I feel like I just need to hide away at home and avoid people, even online. 

  10. ANGRY plus only one person understood my last status.


  11. lots of love

  12. Darkness is my friend


  13. going down hill fast slipping away not able to trust any one any more bottling up every thing no where to  turn 

  14. Who's still up?

    This girl. 

    No particular reason.  

    So....hi! :)

  15. Snow Snow Snow More Snow In Chicago

  16. I give up on everything at this point

  17. Im back around again but Im starting to think it doesnt really matter 

  18. Hi Everyone,

    I'm sorry I'm not around much.  I am actually trying to reduce my presence on line and connect more in the real world.  I am also as a faith based chat at: https://www.christianchat.info/community/.  I'm Rabbit there too and they know me, so you can look for me there also.  Keep going!  I am and I'm connecting in the world in a way I didn't know was possible.  I know it's not easy, but I get up because if I give up they win.  I'm not going to let that happen!  We are worth more then we know, and God says so.  You are in my prayers daily, especially Miss Annie and Miss Field but they represent all of us to me.  So yeah, every morning I pray for you.  You are already winners, and live in victory because they could not stop you.  :lindybunnie::lindybunnie::lindybunnie:

  19. don't feel like caring about ppl anymore, isn't worth it to me anymore

  20. Taking you to disney land with me 

  21. don't feel like caring about ppl anymore, isn't worth it to me anymore

  22. You are amazing Fieldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. why? why anything, why? why get crap for kindness, why? why ? not my fault anymore

  24. So tired of feeling like crap & having S### days cause of reasons , some days it feels like nothing's gonna change so I should stop trying it's ridiculous... but tiring and stressful & sometimes it just feels like there's no winning... 

  25. Feel so ill & have a temperature 


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