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  1. I am going through a phase of desperately needing a lot of sleep, hypersomnia. Except I can’t let myself sleep because nightmares. I can’t shake the effects of one from last week, it absolutely broke my heart and I can’t face the risk of having another like it. I’m so tired....

  2. If you're reading this, know that I'm rooting for you.  

  3. Memories are hitting hard

  4. SAAM bands made by yours truly - I'm wearing these all month.  :throb:


  5. Pocket riders needed for tomorrow.  Attending a family gathering and there will be in attendance some family members I do NOT wish to see.  

    Oh, and Lucy?  Pencil me in for Sunday, please!!!  


  6. Too many triggers

  7. :candle: I am missing someone today.  18 years in Heaven, although it feels like only yesterday we lost you - Grandma, please continue to watch over my family and all of those dear to my heart.  

  8. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!  :throb:


  9. Having a bad night. 

  10. Making my father's cremation and burial at sea plans the last couple of days has been beyond hard. I wanted to help and asked to take this burden from my aunt. My father and other family lives in California and I am in Texas. I can't do much and I hate it. This aunt is his caregiver because of that. It was worse than I thought it would be. I have just been nauseated and sad. I know it's not SA-related although my father was abusive in every other way in my childhood. But I have tried to have a relationship in latter years and I do love him. It's bleeding into everything else. I feel like 36 is too young to lose a parent...and it hurts so much. 

    1. Field8


      Know that I am sitting with you. Please hollar if you need anything.

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  11. Sweet dreams, baby boy.  :throb:


  12. Our boy has stopped eating and has showed that he is unable to continue the fight.  He has been a true warrior and has hung on for a month following losing function of his hind legs - and someone wise did say that extra time he gave us was truly a gift.  But - he's now telling us he is exhausted and we've had to make the most heartbreaking decision we've ever thought possible - our sweet Dexter will be making his way over the Rainbow Bridge tomorrow.  I am absolutely devastated.  Pocket riders appreciated for the next 24 hours as we prepare to say goodbye to the most lovable and faithful fur-baby we've ever had.  


  13. Continued good vibes needed, please, for our cat, who has lost all function of his hind legs and is unable to walk.  Still, he is a fighter and has been surprising us day after day with his strength and will to keep going.  Although his prognosis is not good, he is calling all the shots, and he's not finished, yet.  He is looking especially handsome today, so both he and his Mama are accepting hugs and positivity!  :throb:  


  14. sad kinda done

  15. The depression is knocking at the door

  16. A loving message for those of you who are struggling:

    "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

    Hang in there.  


  17. Appeal deadline is supposedly the 17th, which is a weekend so I guess it is the 19th. Five more days. Nothing has been done in a year. A year ago today, the court reporter finished compiling the transcript for the defense. They picked it up on 12/6/17 and that was it. I am afraid they will blindside me again like they did continually during the course of the hearings and fight to get to trial. I hope and pray it comes and goes without incident and that this will be truly over. I am going to email the prosecutor on 11/19 and ask if it is over. 

  18. All treats, no tricks!  If candy's not your thing, then consider your bag filled with lots of love, support and well wishes from me to you - Happy and safe Halloween to all. :)44896261_975134109362256_7955678904335728640_n.jpg

  19. Almost 3 years, still no idea why this had to happen. You were so loved ❤ miss you 

  20. Things are getting too hard

  21. I've been away from this chat for over a year now- just re-entering an aspect of my story/abuse which is really dragging me down.  Extra support needed right now.

  22. Hey :) , hope your doing okay & are coping, safe hugs :hug: if ok?

  23. So hard to get out of bed the past few days. All I want to do is sleep and cuddle with my dogs. That's it. I don't want to work; I don't have the brain power. I don't want to talk to people; they can't make me better. Sleep does...unless I have more nightmares. Just feeling so very drained...

  24. triggered...:cry:

  25. Feeling very unlike myself tonight.  No idea why.  Could use a friend.

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