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  1. ✏️🎨 I drew this for all our members here, to remind you that we are always with you for support 🧡B20200911_134652-1.jpg

  2. Today I have court.

    This time I am not the victim, but I am speaking for him. I am fostering a dog who has been abused and starved. I am a witness in the case against his owners and hopefully we will convict them of neglect and the dog will not be returned to them. They are fighting to get him back. 

    It is bringing up a lot. I have not been in court since my trial, which was three years ago (April 2017). Could use sitters and prayers/good vibes that the innocent dog gets justice and will not be returned to his abusers. I think we can all identify with that....

  3. I've got two appointments today and I'm a little nervous about them.  

  4. So, this happened!

    Introducing the newest member of the Capulet family.  Say hello to Apollo!


    He's such a good boy.  We're so in love.  😍

    He's making himself at home and keeping me covered in doggy kisses and lots of cuddles!  

    My heart is happy. ❤️ 

  5. Rough day yesterday.  I need a hug.  

  6. Today is my 6th survivor anniversary. It actually just feels like a normal day. Proud of how far I've come. 

  7. i feel so alone

  8. Signing off and probably not coming back. Thanks to everyone that helped me along the way. I just can't be somewhere that I'm not wanted. 

  9. 😥 im lost and exhausted, how do I find my way back... 

    1. Field8


      Let us help you. We can take the lead.


    2. (See 8 other replies to this status update)

  10. I'm slipping. I don't know if I have the energy to panic about it anymore.

  11. I feel like a ghost pretending to be a person.

  12. i don’t belong here or there or anywhere. i’m just a hungry ghost 

  13. I’m thinking of you all in these crazy times. I love my AS family ❤️

    It’s April which means it’s not only the anniversary of the trial but Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I’m usually running myself ragged doing things, but with social distancing and quarantine, it has cut it way down. I feel like that’s good and bad. I’m tired, and I get a break, but I don’t want people to not be involved. I don’t want the level of awareness to suffer.

    April 27 marks the third year since the monster was convicted and put away for life. It’s triggering but it’s on the back burner right now. My dad is fading fast 💔

    for those of you who don’t know he has terminal cancer and he has fought an amazing battle. He is in the 1% of survivors living 22 months with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. That is unheard of. But his time is drawing near and he does not want me to travel to be with him. I don’t understand even though a lot of people are telling me they do. It doesn’t feel good, but I am respecting his wishes. It’s been pretty rough. 

    also, one of my huge triggers is masks, hoodies, and otherwise covered faces, and I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. In this pandemic people are wearing masks. They’re everywhere. I’m trying to normalize it but I feel like I’m being unhealthy and just putting it out of my mind and not dealing with it. I think I have too much going on. 

    How are you all holding up? 

    Love to all of my AS fam. 

  14. Just trying to keep breathing in this bad feeling moments.

  15. Everything feels so heavy right now.  I'm trying my best, but it's a heavy weight to bear :(

  16. Just something I made today to share with you all :throb:


  17. Free hugs for my AS family. :hug:  


  18. Feeling alone

  19. I feel hollow today.  I wish I could explain to people what was taken from me, sometimes I don't feel like I understand it.  My heart is hurting and I just feel empty :( 💔

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