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  1. I think I'm back, hello!

    Welcome back Star!!!!!
  2. Feeling so alone and now it is confirmed

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    2. 8888


      Sitting with you.  You are never alone here.

    3. MeBeMary


      Sitting with you. :hug: 

    4. Kmkz


      Sitting with you

  3. Going to therapy for the first time in months. Wish me luck.

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    2. snmls


      Good luck.  Hope the first visit goes well. 

    3. Kmkz


      Good luck

    4. Angelonia


      I hope it goes well, Field8, and you feel better for it. 

  4. My Story

    I am sorry that you have been to hell and back. You are so strong!
  5. I want my life back :(

    1. MeBeMary


      :hug:  if ok.

    2. Stuckinthepast


      I totally feel you. I struggle with that too. I honestly feel the same way

  6. It's so wrong

    You are not fucked up!!!! You are stuck in this cycle. Sitting with you if okay
  7. Memories are hitting hard

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    2. MeBeMary


      Sitting with you. :console: 

    3. Field8


      This is my anniversary month. Lost the twins and than Easter was the first time I was hurt. Too much to handle. Time to isolate.

    4. Iheartcupcakes


      Oh field, I am so sorry. That is too much to handle. We are here to help you carry it. 

  8. Too many triggers

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    2. Field8


      Thank you @MeBeMary and @Capulet. I am really embarrassed right now about the triggers that has set me off.:( 


    3. Capulet


      :nonono:  No need to be embarrassed, dear friend.  This is not your fault...not at ALL!!!  Please take care of yourself, and be good to yourself...you deserve peace and comfort.

    4. MeBeMary


      :agree2:  with Capulet.  You shouldn't have to deal with them, but they are not of your making.

      You deserve much better. :hug: 

  9. Jumping In

    Welcome to AS. I am sorry for what brought you here. I do hope that you find us non-judgemental and supportive. Take care Fieldy
  10. I need to talk but I don't want to trigger anyone

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    2. Hawkgirl


      Sitting with you.

    3. chant2012


      Hey there, i/we have been having a rough time too with "bad dates" and possible pr*gr*mm*ng, it's pretty definite now tho... and such. We've been gone for a long time - feel free to reach out. You're not alone. All the love to you and support also. 

    4. crushedflower
  11. sad kinda done

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    2. Pawsey


      @Field8 you are not alone- you have us xx sending you hugs. Wishing I could be there c

    3. Capulet


      Sending love and support!  :throb:  You know where to find me if you need anything. 

    4. Iheartcupcakes


      I am so sorry you feel alone. I understand. What we have gone through can be so isolating. I wish we were there in real life. 

  12. The depression is knocking at the door

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    2. Capulet


      Sending you love and lots of support, Fieldy.  :throb:  The post-holidays ALWAYS get me, too.  Let's catch up soon.


    3. Iheartcupcakes


      I’m so sorry. You are not alone. Holding space with you :throb:

    4. Field8


      It is here


  13. Old account, newly present.

    Welcome back
  14. Hi!

  15. I think I will be back

    Welcome back. I agree everyone needs a break. I took one to recharge my batteries and it was worth it. Like I said welcome back