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  1. New Here

    I am happy you found this place overit. AS is a great place. I found so much comfort and so many friends in here. I actually found a friend in here that I think is saving my life without even knowing. So yes, people are kind and understanding now and slowly you feel less alone. You are not a freak of nature, of that I am sure. You've been hurt and abused souls change forever. I hope you will find the comfort you need in here. Kira
  2. Help

    Honey...don't give up. I don't know what are the things that are making you feel like this but please reach out and fight for yourself. We are here for you. Use us. I am sitting with you. Please know that you are not alone Kira
  3. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    I actually got to see my abuser again. My first words to him were: "Do you understand now what you did?" He said: "Yes, I do now." I started to cry. Hearing from him that he finally understands and acknowledges the enormity of what he did to me was in the same time very painful and very soothing and liberating. Kira
  4. New Here

    Hello Striped and welcome. I hope you will find all the help and support you need in here. AS is a great place. Kira
  5. Hi All

    Hello diva. I am so sorry that you need this place but I am happy that you found it when you most needed. You will find After Silence such a warm and comforting place. I know I did. And it helps me so much every single day. Safe hugs, Kira
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Janepp and thank you. I really need some hugs. Be safe, Kira
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you for the warm welcoming. I hope I will be able to become a part of this forum. I need it. I need to be somewhere where people just understand without too much explanation. Hugs.
  8. Hello Everyone!

    Hi, I am new here. And also kind of scared. This is my first time on this kind of forums. But I am happy I found this place. I hope I will find some comfort here and also offer some in return. Safe hugs for everyone, Kira