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  1. Hello there LanaLang, Welcome. I'm sorry that you have had such bad things happen to you, but glad you found this site. You will find many people here that will encourage you and support you in your journey. Safe hugs Lee
  2. Welcome BlueCanvas. I'm praying for you and sending safe hugs. I hope you can find some connections here and also in your community wherever you live - and that healing will bring you relief. Sitting here by your side. Lee
  3. Hello there Fantasygirl, I'm sorry you had this happen to you. I think you will find this place to be a safe way to share with others who are on the same journey as you are -- as you are able, as you heal. Safe hugs!
  4. Welcome Gingersmom! I hope you will find this to be a safe, accepting place as I have, and share as you are able in your healing process. Lee
  5. Welcome Lisa! I hope that you will feel at home, so to speak, among folks that are all at different steps along the recovery journey. Lee
  6. Welcome Lexi, I am so sorry you could not find the local help you needed yet. I am glad you found this place -- it is already helping me process much that has been hidden and recently being remembered.... Just take it slow and easy -- it can be exhausting to get it out and you may need to take breaks along the way..... A hug and a prayer for your recovery process!
  7. LeeK

    Just Me

    Welcome Kamala, Sorry for the trauma that brought you here but I think you will find this a safe place to share and "let it out" A hug and a prayer for you as you heal
  8. Hello Blacksatin, You are not alone. You are courageous to look for help and talk to people and so I want to encourage you. There are many people here you can talk with and share with and I hope through that process you will feel your load lighten. Take good care of yourself. Hugs Lee
  9. LeeK


    Welcome! I am just getting started on that road and this is a great help to me -- I think it will be for you too!
  10. My sister cannot remember anything at all during that time. My wife, who I suspect was abused too, has absolutely no recollection of her childhood except that she moved around a lot. I know that they carry a lot of grief, anger, trust issues around. I have some of those issues -- sudden saddness for no apparent reason that just hits me out of the blue.... Hugs Lee
  11. Thanks Truffles. In an odd way, it helps to make sense out of my feelings and on the other, I get all churned up inside and stomach aches and gagging for awhile until I settle down. Thanks so much for your hugs and prayers! Lee
  12. Hey there Cace, A psychologist friend that is in my organization told me that he believes that we were created with a safety valve -- like a pressure cooker we use to cook beans in here -- that when facing horrible situations allows it to shut down -- to protect itself. I wonder if that is what happened to my sister and I -- we just blocked it out completely. Why some people start remembering in their 40s, nobody knows exactly.....
  13. Hello there all, First of all, thanks to all who have had the vision for this site. I have needed something like this! I will save the "whole story" for when I can post there; but want to tell you all a little about myself and my situation I find myself in.......and why my male, late 40s world is upside down. My mother died when I was young and as a result, my dad had to put my younger sister and I in the hands of a neighbor before and after school -- the primary caregiver was a wife of a law enforcement officer -- along with her son. They were strict disciplinarians, and I was always afraid t
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