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I am a survivor of many 'near-misses', harassment, gang rape, verbally abusive & controlling ex-boyfriend, and stranger stalking/peeping toms which included 2 men, perhaps more. As a result of these unexpected life experiences, I struggle with PTSD, anxiety, and OCD symptoms; all of which I've been working on recovering from; the journey is such an arduous, frustrating challenge at times, but SO worth it. After Silence has played a huge part in assisting in my recovery.

Some of my favourite things are music, the ocean, yoga (exercise in general), children, chocolate, and coffee. I have a loud laugh and sometimes hyperactive demeanor. I play piano, sing, and have begun living out a passionate dream of mine - working on increasing the music teaching business I have recently begun. We'll wait to see where things go, as I work on caressing this dream while building its' solid roots and taking chances when warranted.

If there is anything I've learned on my journey thus far, it would be these things:

- It is NEVER the survivor's fault - in no way, shape, or form.

- There is so much more to you and your story than abuse and horror - you are so talented and unique in so many ways; we survivors all just tend to sell ourselves short because of our experiences.

- You have something to offer that nobody else does - you are worth it.

- You are not alone. 

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