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  1. I have been thinking a lot about memories. The memories of scents, specifically, have been calling me back to revisit a few difficult times in my life. Is it a calling, or is it a backslide? 

    Though it was a terrifying time recently, I'm back to living the cushy life I have created for myself. I am thankful to remember that my memories are just that... Memories. They are not my reality anymore. I want to let go of them and break the ties they hold. 

    1. Hiddenstars


      It doesnt sound like a backslide to me. If it was a backside I do not think you would be able to remember your memories are not your reality. It seems like you're moving forward to me.

      Sitting with you.

    2. NorskyCourtney


      Thank you, Hiddenstars. 

    3. Hiddenstars
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