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  1. I dressed nicer than usual today and it felt good
  2. Thanks Paula, I appreciate it. S x
  3. Hi, I'm new here too-it's taken me a while to post my introduction, and like you I find it hard to know what to say. I'm don't think I can talk about why I'm here at the moment, but I'm I found this place as after looking around it seems like a helpful, and I hope you find it helpful too. Take care, S x
  4. Thanks to you both for making me feel welcome xxxx You have no idea how long it took for me to come up with my 'intro', so your replies have made me feel good about finally pressing the post button!
  5. I'm a bit nervous about all of this, but wanted to stop by and say 'hi'. Not sure what to say right now, but basically have had a lot of old thoughts (and recently new memories) going round my head which have made me a bit wobbly. I've been having a look around and although I don't think I can share right now I'm pleased to have stumbled across what looks like a decent forum. Take care, S x
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