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  1. Question: Is there anyway to know when someone replies to a post or comment I make? I only know how to find it by looking on my profile to see posts I started or made. There has to be a better way, right?
  2. Hello. Good for you to be strong when it seems so hard. I hope I can be that strong.
  3. Hey, I am new too. Welcome.
  4. I agree. I am new here. I am not sure I can even tell my story. That would make it real. Hi to you too.
  5. I hope so too. I am new too. Good luck to both of us.
  6. I am not really ready to talk yet, but I want to be. I hope I can be strong enough like you someday. My trauma happened just 7 weeks ago.
  7. Hello. I am new too. I hope this place helps both of us.
  8. Hello. I just joined too. I understand being anxious.
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