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  1. I hate that one..that is one I've gotten from some people. Hello my body totally shut down.
  2. Welcome to AS. I'm Gin
  3. welcome to the board, take your time with talking about it. Everyone here is wonderful
  4. Welcome..This site is amazing, and so understanding.
  5. Hello! This site is wonderful. It has really helped me
  6. *Well he didn't have any marks on him, are you sure you were raped? *Why didn't you fight more if I was a girl I wouldn't let some guy just rape me? * What were you wearing? *Why did you open the door? *Well if you wouldn't put yourself in bad situations it wouldn't happen? Where were you anyway? *Well what did you expect to happen all the freaks you have been running around with? There have also been some remarks about why I would want to ruin this mans life. I should think about his wife and kid. These were made by some so called friends and my family when they first found out. Why can't people think before they speak.
  7. Welcome to AS. Everyone here has really been nice and helpful
  8. Welcome you'll find some wonderful people here, they've helped me alot
  9. ginnic

    Hello All

    I'll check your site out..I write alot to it just helps keep the things from floating around my head constantly
  10. Hi...I'm sure you'll find many new friends here, everyone is wonderful
  11. ginnic


    Welcome..Everyone here is so nice and supportive.. I'm sorry you had to go through that I was attacked in my home also.
  12. ginnic


    Welcome..Everyone is so supportive and kind here
  13. Welcome this is a wonderfully supportive place, I don't know how I would be managing if I hadn't found this place
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