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    dublin, ireland
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    books, crime drama tv series, my two wonderful dogs who help me through the day :) the sun, different types of food

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About Me

I don't really know what to say about myself..

Basics are that i am 17 and from Ireland, plan on moving to australia one day, i like the sun and the beach. We dont get much of that here.

I am in college studying to be a beauty therapist.

before i turn 20 i plan on doing a sky dive for charity and my selected charity will be dogs trust, i love dogs and all animals, im a vegetarian and dont believe animals should die so i can eat when there is so much more to eat but thats just what i think, i dont open my mouth when somebody is eating meat its up to them so i don't mind.

and i would also like to say that i am here and ready to share my story and that i am no longer ashamed still a little embarrassed but still ready so i share my picture to prove i am not shamed of what happened to me.

i was sexually abused by my uncle for 2 years almost every day.

my father was never around so i found comfort in my uncle he obviously saw things differently...


to who ever wants to know if you write down your whole story either on the computer or paper it gets easier to talk about. write it down and read it over and over till it gets easier pretend like youre talking to somebody it has helped me a lot :)

I dont really know what else to say but i will add more when i think about it :)

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