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  1. Feeling blahhh .... :(

  2. Sleep where are you? ... urgh

  3. I can escape it apart from when I’m trying too sleep 😩

  4. Christmas day was good, boxing day has sucked!! cant remember one Christmas that's been good from start to finish since before the kidnap and r - it feels like OCT thru to JAN will always be cursed.

  5. Took sleep aid and was really settled for a good nights sleep- I got 3 hours!! And now I’m as awake as can be - I really hate the way my past traumas have mucked up my sleep 😩💤

  6. It occurred to me today that no matter who you are, or how your story goes, no matter if you scream it from the rough tops of let is fester inside like a silent scream that grows loud as times goes on - just the knowledge of "I have been raped" just know knowledge of that hurts like hell!  

  7. Hope everyone here has a peaceful and joyful Christmas 🎄 

  8. Four assignments to complete by the 3end of the month, work and emdr!! I just want to sleep for the next 4 weeks! life can get busy at times!

  9. I feel worn out all the time fbs are back and even when I sleep I don’t feel rested 

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