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  1. 14 hours ago, MidnightRain said:

    Hi,  my name is Kayleigh and I'm 17. I was Sexually assaulted 2 weeks ago and having problems with flashbacks and nightmares. Hoping this site helps and hoping to meet new people who can understand the pain with out having to explain it over and over.

    Hey Kayleigh

    I am so sorry dear for the reason that have brought you to this site - I think your so brave to reach out, if you need to talk any time you are more than welcome to pm me! please take good care of yourself right now!



  2. Hey JD!

    Welcome to AS!! This is such an supportive and understanding community, I hope you find they help here that you are looking for!

    if you have an questions about how AS works, feel free to message me also! looking forward to seeing you around the board! :D


  3. Dear 21 year old me

    It was so easy for me to blame you, after it happened thinking you should of known better, but how could you, you did nothing wrong and everything right, I know you was a good girl, had respect for yourself, and I know he was sick, I know what he did, and all the times I thought you should of known all the times I thought it was all your fault it wasn't, it was all him, you tried to escape him, you didn't want what happened you didn't even understand what happened, not all of it, not truly how could you? you had never known such a sick person before, and your NOTHING like him, all of what he did, the blame and shame lies with him. I know how much he hurt you, because I am you and I go forward maybe a little older maybe even a little wiser but I still carry your pain and confusion but not blame that doesn't belong to you it never did! your still whole your still clean, your still the woman you always set out to be!

    Love always Me.

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