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  1. Hi, I would love to chat, I feel a bit out of place here as I just wanted to chat and quite a few of eh poor girls here only seem to want to vent their anger at the world, I was taught not to ALLOW one shameful incedent to ruin your entire life ? I would love to chat if you want Tina
  2. Hi, sorry, but I feel a fraud here, as most of you are so unhappy, I felt numb and totally ashamed after my ordeal, I ahd bene held down on a table at a party and used by several older men as others watched my shame, but I was more terrified about what my husband's reaction would be, he had warned me not to trust the oler woman at work who had taken me to that party. But he was wonderful, he didnt blame me, he just cmforted me, he held and and assured me that he would always love me. He said I was now safe in his loving arms and he encouraged me to tell him what had happened and what the other
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