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  1. Feeling angry tonight and alone

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    2. atherton


      Feel so stupid and angry with myself tonight. Too trusting, want so bad to be loved by them that I don't listen to my own feelings, what is wrong with me. I want so much to be normal. I don't want the nightmares, the panic attacks, to see T, to take anti-depressants, to want to cut, to apologize for my family. I want a normal life where my childhood was wonderful and my adult life is great. So sick of pretending everything is o.k. it isn't. why is there so much pain and why won't it go away? Is it too much to ask.

    3. snmls


      There is nothing wrong with you atherton.  I want to be normal too. I wish I had more advice to give you, but I'm struggling with many of the same things.  Just know that you're not alone. 

    4. atherton


      thank you snmls. I feel like I am barely hanging on lately, so much going on.

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