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  1. I'm thinking that in a survivors life all 3 can be helpful in guiding you to the point you need to be. As for me personally being the type "I Can Do It Myself", the empathetic person would be the most helpful. I do not like sympathy so that wouldn't help. Have dealt with directive type people and they only made me "shut down" for some reason? Definately a thought provoking thread!
  2. WindSong


    Well hiya Thanks much for the support!
  3. Hiya Serenity! Love the name I'm very new here as well and know how you feel. Pretty scary, huh? It does get a bit easier each time you post. Do not worry, I'm sure most here have felt the same way! Glad you decided to join!
  4. WindSong


    Hiya Lene Nice to meet you as well.
  5. WindSong


    Thanks much for the kind welcome!
  6. WindSong


    Hello to everyone I found my way here from a link on another abuse board. Whew, this is a bit harder since abuse is a much broader topic. But here, yikes! Pretty specific, huh? Gulp! Well, I'm here now and looking forward to getting to know all of you.
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