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  1. He is not a guy that you will want to have anyting to do with, he will always be this way. He will hurt you, and then apologize like saying sorry fixes things, if you stay with him you will get hurt, pregnant and just be his "girl", but then there's the whole murder thing too, it sounds as though he enjoys violence, hence why he joined the military too. You said no and he continued, thats rape, when someone says no you stop. Saying sorry afterwards does not make it ok. The best advice I can give you is to break it off with him, block him on facebook and have your friends do the same, change your cell phone number, he is an abuser/rapist/violent and wont change. Get a restraining order, tell his commanding officer that he is abusive and needs a mental health evaluation, and maybe even report him to the police for rape. You could also call the state mental health authority and let them know of his violent tendacies, rape, and his murder fantasy and let them evealuate him. Basically do what you can to leave him ASAP, tell your friends that he is violent/physco and not to do anything for him, and it wouldn't hurt to even move somewhere else. If you have concerns about pregnancy, then take some morning after pills and a pregnanc test too, plus a blood test to make sure he didn't give you any stds. If he comes around again, call the cops and say he has a knife and you're scared for your life, they will be there very fast.
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