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  1. I remember what that news felt like. Apparently, I left it too long after "the incident" before I reported it. Never mind that he was stalking and threatening me the whole time.
  2. It's not a local thing. Not by far. It's a sick trend that's sweeping North America. You see it in movies and TV shows too.
  3. Yay! I was having the same trouble and I tried that and it worked... thank you!!
  4. My experience with friends like that is, they usually didn't deserve to be my friend in the first place. I've had some friends who thought joking about rape was the funniest thing in the world. They are, needless to say, no longer my friends. I LOVE your response, and YAY! I'm glad you stood up for yourself too!! :hug:
  5. Not to mention, what, are you supposed to feel grateful for being harrassed? Honestly, some people's logic just boggles the mind. I used to wake my boyfriend up pretty much nightly with nightmares. We have a sort of ritual, where he'll calm me down and we'll do breathing exercises, and then some word association until we found something happier for me to think about before I go back to sleep. Then we started meditating before bed altogether, and now I only have a nightmare about once a week or so. Needless to say, to describe your friend I would have to use several expletives I shall re
  6. I get this one a lot. It completely goes against reason... people seem to think that if you survived it you suddenly want to laugh about it. How they make that leap of "logic" I have no idea... If they want to call me a martyr, I don't care. It feels worse to swallow my feelings that everyone who is laughing at the joke is somehow laughing at me... :hug: I completely agree. Completely. Most adults don't even know how to deal with it, but maybe if we teach pre-teens they'll become adults who will be more sensitive and caring...?
  7. "Get over it" This is by far the most common one. But there are other reactions, too... after the article I wrote, I was talking to a classmate "A" about it and another classmate "B" overheard who (but not what) we were talking about. B started going on and on about how he idolized the man who raped me, totally oblivious as to what A and I had been talking about. Finally A blurted out, "He raped her, man." Then B went bright red and his mouth moved but he didn't say anything, just started to cry. For some reason this really stuck with me... after all the careless comments and insults and
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