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  1. did you use blurb .com I did it's real good
  2. hope you sound like you understand how these things can accept you and you know about how your anxiety works too although i had a different situation from you i can relate to so much of what you say there are lots of ways to help you and try not to beat yourself up inside when things are not going well or as well as you would like
  3. oh nola you sound like you are not really getting much from your man apart from stress what about you do you not deserve something too have you tried to write down all this for him in a way that does not scream that it is all his fault or do you think it would work maybe he is not the best thing for you at the moment and you need someone else to talk to
  4. you know dolphinblossom there are so many of us out here feeling or have felt as you do or did and as nola says you are not here as a human dumpster but that is something perhaps you need to work on you do not have to keep your 'dirty little secrets' locked in we are all here to share and comfort and hopefully gain some form of hope from one another and hopefully show others that we survived and although life is hard at times we are still going and we will not let 'them' beat us
  5. hallo nonnie i have not written a book because my family are an issue but why not self publish and use a nick name i am using the pen name of Samantha Jane and i am going to self publish a book on my experience i am not putting my surname on my books and i have already self published one short story it cost me just about £2/£3 for each of the two copies i bought of my book its worth it i think maybe you could get together with others and have others write their story down and have it as anon
  6. hallo all my name is peri and i too am a survivor of sexual abuse it was my dad and step-dad and also my 1st boyfriend that were all involved in my abuse i do not know exactly at what age the abuse started but it was somewhere around the time i was 11 or so it started with my dad (who lived near us) and went on until i was 17 i guess with my step-dad i was perhaps just 13 and although what he did he did only twice or so it still gets me and it was different to what my dad did to me my boyfriend was okay to start with but then got too interested in his sexual needs and he only did that on two occasions but that was more than enough for me and i ended things with him having said that life is hard and at times i feel like a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode with all the anger i have inside me i have had counselling and was once told that "if you can talk about what happened without getting upset then you are okay" i do not think the person who said this was speaking the truth and i do not think they had suffered any kind of abuse themselves or they would agree that their statement is wishful thinking i will put more info into my blog soon but for now i have put enough as im sure you all know how very hard it is to talk about all this
  7. hallo all i am now here too and am also a survivor of sexual abuse i am so glad that i have finally found a place where i can chat freely with others who have more of an understanding of stuff than normal people
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