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About Me

What a mess life can dish our way! Here's a brief summary of my suvivor's journey!

I was molested by my brother at age 11.

Raped by a church counselor at 13.

Victim of verbal abuse by my first husband at 20.

Severely beaten by a boyfriend at 23.

Raped by a CONVICTED!!!!! perp at 25.

Lifetime issues dealing with an absentee father.

I've had a lot of therapy in the past three years dealing with all this mess and the negative windfall of personal choices and self-destructive behaviors that resulted from low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. I'm on the backside of healing and now mentor young girls in a local juvenile detention center who have experienced some of the same trauma's in the their lives.

My motto has become one of this: It is my hope that by sharing my survivor's journey, my pain will no longer be in vain.

So glad to be here....

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