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  1. I'm no longer your victim as I've shed the chains you attempted to wrap so tightly.

  2. Hi Colette welcome to AS. Glad you're here. Please don't live in silence. Tell the people you trust so you can get the support and help you need. There is great healing in truth. Praying! Elle
  3. This man is dangerous. He's already proven that to you time and again. You were raped, and i'm so sorry that happened to you. You deserve better. Get as far away from him as possible and protect yourself. PLEASE PLEASE turn the setting on your phone regarding the camera GPS location to "off" so he can't see where any of your pictures were taken. If you don't know how to do this, send me a PM and i'll walk you through it. As stated above, report him and the offense. This will only get worse in time, and who knows what he's capable of dong next. Please get out....
  4. Hi K The whole mentality of "everything is fine now" is SO wrong! Everything is NOT fine.You were violated and that type of violence has lasting effects. I hope you're working with a therapist on this. It's so important to get the help you need early on. Stay strong and keep reaching out. You're not alone. Elle
  5. Hi Bear so glad you're reaching out for help and welcome to AS!! This is a great place for support and healing. It's so important for you to work with a good therapist on dealing with the aftermath of this. I hope you're doing that or plan to in the future. There is hope. There is recovery. Be encouraged that you're no longer alone. Elle
  6. Hi Seraphim WARNING: POSSIBLE TRIGGER Yes, I hear and agree with what you are saying. I've done a tremendous amount of international travel - much of which has been to Cambodia - and have seen first hand the crimes against girls as young as 4. It is simply disgusting and sickens me. I am a volunteer for Traffick 911 - an organization whose focus is on the prevention, awareness, and plight to end human trafficking. I've walked the streets of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Kampong Cham and seen the Western men (perps) trolling the streets looking for trafficked girls. I simply wanted to
  7. Welcome to AS Cassie. I'm sorry for what you experienced; however I'm elated that you got the help you needed early on to deal with the trauma. What a wonderful witness you are to your daughters!!! Blessings...
  8. You never have to scream it to people who are listening. For those who are not listening, no amount of volume will make them hear you. Focus on those who care... Hugs
  9. My heart has been heavy since my last post in which I committed to opening up and dissecting my life for any and all to see. There were a few (well, more than a few) moments when I thought to myself, “Are you nuts?” It’s possible and completely subjective. Honestly, I’m scared. Being vulnerable is, by far, not one of my strengths. There are some incredibly painful experiences in my past which I’m not too eager to revisit, but I’m committed to the road for which I’m being lead, and this is part of the journey. When I initially sat down at the computer this morning, I began with the title, “Free
  10. Do we really have character flaws? I don’t think so. I prefer to coin them as behavioral flaws. Specifically, learned behaviors. Generally speaking, some of our behaviors are developed by mirroring what we witness in our youth, and others we develop when faced with various circumstances throughout life in an attempt to self-protect. As defined by Wikipedia, a character flaw is, “the creation and criticism of fictional works, a character flaw is a limitation, imperfection, problem, phobia, or deficiency present in a character who may be otherwise very functional. The flaw can be a problem that
  11. Hi Jenny I'm so glad you're here. AS is simply wonderful - a place for healing, sharing, support, compassion, understanding, and then some. I hope you're able to get in with a therapist soon too. I know it was critical for me and my healing. Please know that healing can be found. It takes commitment and work, but it's so worth it. Welcome again, Jenny. Elle
  12. Welcome to AS! So glad you're here. There is an area on the site that is targeted for male survivors. If you click on "forums" and scroll down, you'll see "Survivor Connections." Inside of that forumn, you'll see an area that is specific to you. I hope you find the help and support you're looking for. Again, welcome to AS! Elle
  13. Hi Min Welcome to AS! You'll find a wealth of resources here and people who genuinely care about you. It may be difficult to trust at first, but in time I hope you find a couple women to relate to that you are confident in sharing your pain. Please be encouraged to stop blaming yourself in any way. You were the victim. You were afraid. You may have been ashamed and lacking in a person you felt safe sharing with at the time. Regardless, it is NOT YOUR FAULT! It's my hope and prayer that those words will sink in to the very core and essence of your being. The journey is long, but the backside of
  14. Hi BCR I'm so sorry for your pain and rejection of your mother. I was molested by my brother as well, but never told anyone till many years later. Your mother's response to you was just wrong, but I hope you realize that speaking the truth to her is part of the healing process. Props to you for having clear boundaries in not going to his wedding. That took a lot of courage. How people respond to you and the things you tell them is not on you. It's not your responsibility. Your job is to focus on you, get the help you need, identify ways the abuse has possibly catapulted your life in undesirabl
  15. Hi Rachel Welcome to AS. So glad you're here! You are not alone in your pain, guilt, shame, fear, you name it. We are all on a survivor's journey. Some of us farther along than others, some still swimming in a cesspool of negativity. I hope you'll be able to find the peace you deserve and long for. ...here to listen. Elle
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