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  1. I am in love with a child I'll never meet...

  2. Hello and welcome to AS!
  3. Hello and welcome to AS! I am sorry to hear about what happened to you. You will find the best support here.
  4. Hello and welcome back to AS!
  5. Hello and welcome back to AS! Like you and a few others on here I have come back after a good few years.
  6. Hello and welcome to AS! This is the best place to come for support and nobody will ever judge you!
  7. Hello and welcome back to AS!
  8. Hello and welcome back to AS!
  9. Welcome back! I am back after a few years absence myself.
  10. Hello. I have just returned back after 2 years.. Welcome back!
  11. Hey everyone. It's nice to be back on AS. I had an account on here previously, old email and all and completely forgot my log in details... Anyway. It's been probably more than 2 years since I last came on here, but I am back and I am staying for good!
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