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  1. What gets me is that I never even realized it until my parents found out him and I had done stuff, then, when I wasn't allowed to talk to him anymore, I finally seen things the way they were in reality. The last time anything happened, his hands hurt my.... Well, my area so hard it was a little painful to sit or walk comfortably. :\ I just wish I wouldn't have fought my parents over him for a long time.
  2. I don't like talking about this, so I'll keep it as short as possible. This guy was my best friend. We had been making out when he trying touching me in my chest area, and I said no and tried to keep his hands off, but he got there anyway. The same thing happened two times later that year, only the last two times weren't my chest, they were my.... Well, not my chest. None of it was aggressive though. Like, I told him no, time and time again, and I tried holding his hands off, but slowly but surely, he made his way to what he wanted. There wasn't like.. violence, really, but I said no time and
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