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    Hi Ego. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that! I found mine on FB and it was terrible - seeing him again brought everything back up and I don't know if I was glad I went looking or not. You can get through this, I promise! Flashbacks really suck, maybe you could try to write about them, or draw out what it is you're seeing? For me, writing them out in as much detail as I was able really helped me to move past them or at least lessened them in intensity. If you feel up to it, post about it in the main forum (Gathering Place) and everyone will be sure to support you there too
  2. JJA I'm so glad that you're starting to feel better, even a little! Getting into therapy is a big step and it can be a really healing experience
  3. Welcome! I'm really sorry for what you went through, but I'm glad that at least you found AS! Everyone on here is really nice and supportive, and for me it's been a great place to open up and find other people who understand what I'm going through.
  4. welcome, alone! I'm really glad you found this site. I was similar ages to you when I was attacked, and I definitely understand how hard it can be (especially, at least for me) dealing with the fact that it happened a second time. I'm really sorry you still struggle with flashbacks and nightmares and things, but it sounds like you have a great counselor at least. I hope being here will give you additional help - everyone here is really nice and non-judgemental so feel free to jump in and post whenever you feel like it!
  5. Wishes


    Hi Peanuts (and Butterfly!). I'm really glad you came here, I think even signing up is a brave thing to do. Don't rush yourself to post, but jump in whenever you feel safe - everyone here is really nice and non-judgemental etc. Welcome!
  6. Hi wolf! I'm really glad you're here I know it can definitely be tough, and I don't blame you for coming here last time and finding it hard to deal with... I still sometimes find it hard to be here, and I've been here for a while. I'm glad you didn't force yourself to stay the first time, because if you're not ready it can do more harm than good, I think. Sometimes I find just being here is helpful, even if I'm just reading posts, or only posting little things. There are times when I really want to dive into tough things, but sometimes I'm not in the midset for that, and that's ok too.
  7. Wishes


    Welcome Gabi!! I'm so glad you found AS, everyone here is definitely supportive and it's a great place to move forward with your healing. I know it can be scary at first, but don't be nervous
  8. Don't worry, I'm not technical minded either!! If the emoji thing doesn't work, we can help ya out more
  9. Welcome Heart!! I'm so sorry for what happened to you. It's never, ever ok, but I'm extra sorry that you had to experience that so young. I'm glad you found AS, everyone here is so supportive. That would be awesome if you could study abroad here! I moved here by studying abroad at first and it was great. Having your bf here would make it even better for you to settle in and such
  10. I went off and researched it, and I really do want a pygmy hedgehog! Turns out they are indeed illegal to sell in NYC, but not in the state of NY so you can buy one and bring it back to the city. Excited!
  11. Welcome!!! I'm glad you found AS Definitely don't feel pressured to say more than you're comfy with, it can take time to feel safe enough to share and that's totally normal. I love your username - I'm jealous of your hedgehog. I've been wanting one for a while but I'm not sure if they're legal here... gonna look that up now! I remember hearing something about how pet hedgehogs are really expensive to buy, which I was surprised by given that they walk around in people's gardens hehe. *researching*
  12. Moscato Appreciation Club 2013-14! :D

  13. Wishes


    Welcome Chlo!!! Everyone here is super friendly, I hope you'll feel comfy posting and getting to know us!
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