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  1. Call me Lin

    1. chant2012


      Lin. Not Dragongirl anymore?

    2. Dragongirl


      You can use booth, Dragongirl is a nickname, Lin is my real name.

    3. chant2012


      OK, I knew Dragongirl wasn't your real name lol. Well, I didn't figure it was. You can call me Chantel. :)

  2. Dragongirl


    I am sorry that you have a reason to be here, but I think this page will give you some support. DonĀ“t bother about names, nobody around here shows his real name.
  3. You are not a man To any single "customer"
  4. Hello everyone I am here because in my home town I feel a bit isolated because of my past, an this forum helps me somehow to feel less lonely. Hopefully can I manage to help some of you in return. I have choosen my nickname because I was born in Thailand, and over there dragons symbolize strengh. Please excuse my bad english, I am still learning it. I've been kept alone for years, so if I make a mistake please tell me immediatly. Best wishes, Dragongirl
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