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  1. took the afternoon to myself to regain some sanity. Not sure it helped though....
  2. took today off from work to lounge and be alone with you guys
  3. I'm skipping out on my roommate's birthday party cause I really just need to be quiet right now.
  4. I ate brunch with friends. And watched Planet Earth.
  5. Let myself have an hour today to be sad and scared.
  6. I let myself dance at a wedding with a beautiful girl, even though it was scary (Technically that was a couple days ago. Whatever)
  7. Ya I just checked with a Moderator. You need 10 posts and then they'll give you permission to access chat
  8. It should just be along a bar at the top. It should be right beside the "Forums" tag. If not...I think you might need to have 10 posts before you can access it? Not sure about that though, I might have made that up
  9. I would say you are in the right place then. Welcome
  10. I just told my close friend more than I've ever told anyone today about what happened to me. What is happening today??
  11. Was patient with myself while on the verge of a panic attack last night and let myself have what i needed. And let myself sleep on the couch for a second night in a row even though i think it's silly I can fall asleep there but not in my bed.
  12. I let myself have today to fall apart a bit. Tomorrow I'll get back to trying to sort my life out.
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