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  1. Hello Jenny welcome to AS hope find the help you need Tina
  2. 3 weeks no flahback new record for me.

  3. Why can't we all have good days more.

  4. woke up with upset tummy not feel to well.

  5. it nice today I think go for walk hope my knee hold out.

  6. power went out again we going have do Jedi now.

  7. Wow Deep Thank you for sharing this A wolf.
  8. hello And wecome

  9. Thanks You Pdls06 AS help me so much I happy help thow this like most other membears here.
  10. hello emily well come to AS it very nice place and i feel safe i hope you do to.
  11. Well weclome to AS PDLS You come here well help Take you life back fast We are here to help.
  12. had a rough night last night.

  13. my Girls are home never let them go well for 5 mins.

  14. Can't sleep wish my girls would come soon

  15. hey happy 2014

  16. tina619

    Be Alone Sucks

    it been long since done a blog but my mom took the girls to vist her sister so i so alone at night can't sleep if i do i have flash back see his Face again and and again. really he long dead burning in hell. he may be laugh at down there he still how hold over me.
  17. tina619

    Scary Dreams

    I have scary dreams most night as well.
  18. hello I what Wecome you to AS and not alone. we are here help each other out.
  19. My attacker is long dead but still see his face in my dream he hanut even in death. but i hope AS help you.
  20. hello robot, maggi, opti Wecome it took me long come here and help me so much i sure we can help you.
  21. Welcome to AS I do hope fine what look for.
  22. hello an wecome it safe place.
  23. hello Ally6 and welcome here.
  24. Hello, fanniemayqueen I what welcome you. I found it very support here and welcome.
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