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    San Diego
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    I love my two girls husband and movies and i love to read

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  1. Hello Jenny welcome to AS hope find the help you need Tina
  2. 3 weeks no flahback new record for me.

  3. Why can't we all have good days more.

  4. woke up with upset tummy not feel to well.

  5. it nice today I think go for walk hope my knee hold out.

  6. power went out again we going have do Jedi now.

  7. Wow Deep Thank you for sharing this A wolf.
  8. hello And wecome

  9. Thanks You Pdls06 AS help me so much I happy help thow this like most other membears here.
  10. hello emily well come to AS it very nice place and i feel safe i hope you do to.
  11. Well weclome to AS PDLS You come here well help Take you life back fast We are here to help.
  12. had a rough night last night.

  13. my Girls are home never let them go well for 5 mins.

  14. Can't sleep wish my girls would come soon

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