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  1. Day 12

    Sitting with you. I know it can be so difficult to go out again and to live even if it's with a group of friends that you believe to trust. So, well done for enjoying your 21st and happy belated birthday!
  2. First Time - Hi

    Welcome to AS. I'm sorry that you have been through what you have been through, but hope you will find the support you need on AS and with your councelling. It's a very great step you have taken and you are definetly not alone on the bumpy road of healing. I am not exactly sure what your task is about and whether you are supposed to write a letter to a supporting adult or to your abuser. I have a self-help book that was also written by a UK survivor (and councellor). It's called 'New Shoes' by Rebecca Mitchell. In there she gives some ideas on how to write letters to your inner child. I know that is not exactly your task, but maybe some of the points she thinks should be considered when writing a letter to your inner child will help you to tackle the task of writing a letter from the point of view of your inner child. So, she mentions she following points. - Assure the child it has done nothing wrong and nothing to be ashamed of - Explain why this child is not to blame for what happened - Specify why the abuser is the guilty party - Would you like to touch or hug the child? Can you say that in your letter? - Give the child permission to be angry and upset - Tell the child you feel sad that it has suffered so cruelly - Assure the child you will look after them - How do you feel towards the child/want people to feel towards this child Maybe also consider - What does the child need/deserve? As it is a really personal letter, it is hard to offer more than some points of what you can consider. Maybe you will find further support in the Therapy section of the forum though. Safe if okay.
  3. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I had breakfast in town with friends
  4. Hello Hello

    I'm sorry to say welcome. Please know you are though and find a safe haven on AS. We're here for you.
  5. I Realize