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    I love psychology! and I love artwork! I believe drawing is my diary, but it's an image of what I'm thinking.

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  1. Today, I was just talking to my friend. I was talking about how people view me at my work (regarding being open about my situation, I have really no choice, the military kinda puts EVERYTHING on the spotlight). And he said something to me that just absolutely crushed me. I asked him if he thought I was pathetic, and he said, "Yes you are! No, don't get mad, you're just young." ... I'm just young? Wait...so does that mean that a few years down the road I'll just wake up one day and say, "I was just overreacting! I'm older now and understand!" And then that little monster inside my head start
  2. Are you sorry? I hear your apology, But do you see the Pain? I see you cry, But were you there to catch my tears? I tried to talk, I tried to tell you it hurt, I tried to claw free, But to you, there's only silence, But I hear the screams. Deep Down you knew, The bruises said enough, I didn't need to explain, I fought but gave up, knowing this is not love. When I'm so low to the floor, You run to my rescue, like an angel, and my heart dances, wanting it to be love, so I jump feet first into a never-ending nightmare. But I will rise, There's someone there, to hold out their hand, And I'll take
  3. A lot of people ask me, why did you stay in a relationship with him for so long ? Goodness, That question angers even me! I don't know why and I beat myself up everyday thinking about it. I've always wanted some sort of clarity to why I did stay, why I went back. And why I was so ashamed and hurt that I opened my mouth and said something . It took a long time to be able to except the fact that I'm not doing anything wrong. I remember one day, I went to talk to my advocate and she told me that there was another victim. I wanted to just hit the deck, my heart stopped. It was then that I rel
  4. I don't consider myself a victim, I consider myself a survivor. However, like everyone else, I have those times where I've felt completely alone, felt like I had no one to talk to. You can only suppress something for so long before you have to stand on top of a roof and just scream your heart out, Hence, why I'm here. Someone suggested this website for me, I long to tell my story, however I feel as if my story has a purpose, I feel like I'm here for a reason and God would not have put me through this if he did not feel like I couldn't handle it. There have been times That I felt like
  5. BeingAlone

    Artwork :)

    My diary!
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