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  1. Not much to say, except thank you to Skyllor's new friend. If they didn't 'save' you, you wouldn't have been able to 'save' me. So I am extremely grateful to both of you. to both of you. And hope you feeling better Sky Kat
  2. KatLou


    Thank you Found. I will remember that for the future. Kat
  3. KatLou


    This is oddly beautiful. I hope you find what you need in order to help yourself heal.
  4. KatLou


    Found, if I'm honest, its a little confusing. I just, I need to find a place where I can share my story and then find out the best ways to cope with everything, because I'm not coping at all and its been five years.
  5. KatLou


    Thank you. I hope so too. I'm fed up of this controlling my life.
  6. KatLou


    Basically had a bad past experience. Tried a lot of things to help me deal with it. Feel like talking about it might help. Hopefully it will. So yeah.
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