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  1. Welcome to AS Lilly! I'm in Australia as well :-) I have found AS to be a very positive and supportive place to come for help and support on my journey. You will get access to Share Your Story once you have made 10 posts. I hope you get as much from being on this site as I do ~Leah~
  2. Hi Alexandria, Welcome to AS :-) I'm Leah, I'm 30 and I have just finished a B.psych (hons)... I graduate in April!! I loved my degree, it was amazing, absolutely my passion. I have struggled with PTSD symptoms in the past, but do so much less now. Anyway just thought I'd say hi Leah
  3. Hi Hope, welcome to AS. This is a fantastic community for connecting with other survivors and seekig support. It definitely helped me feel less isolated ;-) Leah
  4. leah27

    New Member

    Hi :-) welcome to AS
  5. Hey Kylie, First of all welcome to AS. Second, most of us come here because of how bad we are feeling about things that have happened. This site is here to support you through difficult times, so it makes sense that you what you have written is negative. No need to apologise for that! You are probably still reeling with the shock of what happened to you, and it will take time to feel a normal again. But it is possible. I hope you find as much support and comfort from this community as I have take care ~Leah~
  6. Welcome to AS Lexi, as Cinamon said, you'll find support here, don't be afraid you won't be accepted! AS has honestly been one of the best supports I could have had on my journey. I remember what it was like the first time I posted on here, and I know you must be brave to take that step when you are so scared. You already deserve support!!! I know you are going to find it here, because as you say, the people are brave and friendly. Please reach out when you need support. I know it is a relief to feel like others know what you are going through, we are lucky to have each other on here, even tho
  7. You aren't crazy... you are dealing with enormous trauma.... and it feels crazy, i know cos I have been there. AS has been a big source of support for me during the tough times - I hope you find it as useful as i have. You will come through this feeling of crazyness, you just have to keep on doing your best and attempting to process the stuff you have experienced. ~Leah~
  8. Welcome to AS Scout :-) This site has been a huge source of comfort and support to me through some really difficult times. It is awesome having a place to connect with people who really understand my issues. I hope you get as much from the community as I have Take care ~Leah~
  9. Hi Amanda, I can tell you it does get better. Your experience was so recent though, that you are probably still partly in shock. Do you have a counsellor or someone you are talking to about what happened? I know when you're young you can feel so powerless (I was molested when I was 13 or 14) and you might feel like you can't change things. But you can get through this, I promise you things will get better. Please reach out if you feel like you are unsafe or going to hurt yourself. I know how terrible and scary feeling like you're alone and not coping is, please know that you have support here
  10. I never thought I would be able to accept what happened to me or be able to walk around being free of it, and to be honest I think we will carry some scars forever... But at some point they will just be scars, not an awful festering sore full of big, scary emotions about what happened... Anyway I know for me AS has been a huge support in my journey and it is a relief to have a place to be surrounded by people who understand, don't judge and can often offer helpful advice. I hope you find the same warmth and support here as I have ~Leah~
  11. I want mine back too :-( It touched me that you said this too.............Even though I don't know your story...........I am sorry anything happened to you that took your tears! I feel like i was hurt so much......I can actually remember when I was about 11 I made a decision to not let him make me cry again............I just wish I could now.......it's like he stole my tears! Take gentle care Leah! maley I just think it is so wrong that I have cried rivers and oceans and their lives continue as if nothing ever happened! I also decided crying wasn't for me, I turned my tears to anger. As I ex
  12. If you said no..... then it was. No means NO! Even if you didn't do the things that society thinks you should have done to prevent it......... YOU SAID NO! That is enough. At first, none of us like talking about it.... actually a year and a half into talking about it, I still don't like it.... But I feel safe and supported to talk about whatever issues are bothering me. I hope you find the same friendly, helpful, empathic community here that I have. take care ok, see you round ~Leah~
  13. Welcome to AS.... I know I have found a lot of support and friendship here - I hope you get as much from the community as I have. See you round ~Leah~
  14. The first time I was asked to think about my inner chid.... The group facilitator asked us to give our child a hug.... I couldn't help thinking, is she the kind of child I would like? Would I even want to hug her? And the answer in my head was that she was a little brat.... And sometimes I even hated her.... I wanted to kill her.... I liked keeping her separate from grown-up me and pretend what happened to her hadn't happened to me. We aren't exactly on friendly terms yet, but my T asked me to draw the two of us together and I drew us sitting on a picnic rug, sharing food. I wasn't ready to lo
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