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  1. I hold the control now!! You dont control me now
  2. What is wrong with you? The point to this...was?? will forgive and forget YOU not bringing me down anymore
  3. Working on forgiving you... Your not worth my time I really wanna knw WHY????? I will heal, know that
  4. Trusting you was a mistake How could you do this Thought you were my friend You took my innocence why??? Your A rapist for life.
  5. Hello welcome to AS I'm here for ya and supporting you You can always inbox me if you need to talk
  6. People here are really supportive here!! And if you ever need to talk I'm here sitting with you and my inbox is always open so u can message me if you'd like! So good luck on your healing journey :hugs: if ok
  7. They see someone beautiful!! Nothing's wrong with you, the crime that was committed against you does not make you less of anything, it doesn't make you less beautiful either. But Hun you will soon look at yourself in the mirror and see a very beautiful person And you will soon have a voice to speak what you want!!
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