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  1. went lap swimming - i am so not an athlete or in shape, but i am finding that the water is very calming and helps me clear my head
  2. i am so glad you found AS. it is so comforting knowing that whatever i am feeling there are people who are understand and who have experienced or are experiencing similar things. i hope you find what you are looking for! this path to healing we are on is difficult, but try and remember to be gentle with yourself on your journey lots of hugs and positivity.
  3. my heart breaks for you. so glad you found AS - we may all have different stories, but we are united in that we break the silence and are on the path to healing. we all have our own path and journey - be gentle with yourself. you are brave, you are beautiful inside and out, and you are strong....even when you feel like the world doesn't make sense. you deserve happiness. sending you hugs and positive thoughts!
  4. kay25

    Hi :)

    i just wanted to say hi and introduce myself... i was raped (that word scares me) on new years 2011/12 - a little over a year ago. i went for months in denial, and engaged in self-destructive behaviors to prove i was "in control". i can't remember when my methods of coping started to fail and when i realized that i was very far from being in control, but that realization was a heavy one. i lived in silence for over a year (family, friends, and anyone in my life permanently still have no idea), but then a weekly support group recently started in my area - i have found this to be the best an
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