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  1. Wow something changed.  The site has a new look an I lost all of my followers, plus people I was following.  Plus it said I had put someone on ignore, when I never put anyone on ignore.:ohmy:

  2. A new year, and my plan is to keep moving forward. We are not alone!

    1. RabbitDude


      Thank you. I guess I figured out that if I give up, they win. I won't let them win, don't have to. The Lamb of God says so.

    2. RabbitDude


      God loves you too! Sorry I've not been around much, work to do inside but I have awesome mentors at my church. My one friend tells me: boy if you mess up, fess up, He will help you get up! I do, He does, pretty awesome. Love you too...

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I'm sorry I'm not around much.  I am actually trying to reduce my presence on line and connect more in the real world.  I am also as a faith based chat at: https://www.christianchat.info/community/.  I'm Rabbit there too and they know me, so you can look for me there also.  Keep going!  I am and I'm connecting in the world in a way I didn't know was possible.  I know it's not easy, but I get up because if I give up they win.  I'm not going to let that happen!  We are worth more then we know, and God says so.  You are in my prayers daily, especially Miss Annie and Miss Field but they represent all of us to me.  So yeah, every morning I pray for you.  You are already winners, and live in victory because they could not stop you.  :lindybunnie::lindybunnie::lindybunnie:

    1. Field8


      I love and miss you too Bunny!!!!!

    2. RabbitDude
  4. I did it, passed all of the tests so I get to start the new job on Tuesday, Feb 18th. Rabbit Dance!

    1. Ember


      Congratulations Rabbit Dude!!! I hope your new job works out for you.

  5. My T is totally awesome!

  6. Hey friend, am so glad you made it here. Miss talking to you but am praying you're pushing through all the garbage like me. RabbitDude

  7. If we give up on ourself, they win and I won't let that happen!

  8. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!

  9. I am about to speak in public about boys and csa. It'll be before a fellowship group at church, about 150 people. I'm ready :)

  10. Tuesday, Jan 7, I will speak in public about this.

  11. Did it, tought too but feels awesome! Spoke b4 some 225 guys about this stuff...

  12. Did it, tough too but feels awesome! Spoke b4 some 225 guys about this stuff...

  13. Did it, Rabbit got a job! A one year thing that could become permanent!

  14. Words are powerfull tools. Here is a good one for us survivors: FREEDOM! The Rabbit has spoken, do you receive it today?

  15. Time to break off one more chain. I started to tell my family what happened. Already started and more to go but so far so good.

  16. Life is always going 2b a challenge 4 us, but we walked through evil and came out of it, we are bigger then it, and we can thrive inspite of it!

  17. I am speaking now, speaking for those of us who have no voice. Over 6000 have heard me to about "this" and I will keep going. I'm no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God. Listen to this song:

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