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  1. Hi. I honestly don't know what to say but I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. My incident happened a year and some months ago, but a lot of backstabbing made this ordeal a great deal harder to cope with. I thought speaking out was a good idea, but sometimes I actually wish I never said anything. I try to not talk or think about things because it puts in me a place I don't need to be, and I stopped seeing my shrink. I'm not unstable, per se, I'm just an avoider and I put mental blocks on things deemed unpleasant in my mind. I joined because I'm tired of this feeling of being entirely alone and that people are judging me. I really just want a friend. Or an ear that won't judge or have it put in my record (I'm military). I suppose I'll put my story up soon, but it's nice to meet you all, given the otherwise crappy circumstances. That's all. ~FlightlessBird
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