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  1. Jen

    New Here

    Thank you all again! I hope to have time to start posting more soon!
  2. Jen

    New Here

    I'm sorry to hear you lost your therapist. I can't imagine how hard that would be dealing with that much less all the other stuff we deal with. I hope you're able to find someone else. I understand it does seem like it's all about the money and time. It should be easier for those of us who have been hurt to find the qualified help we need and it not cause us more stress and pain. I was talking with my DH earlier about how unfair it is that some criminals end up in prison and everything is paid for them like medical stuff, if they need therapy, etc. because our taxes help pay for it and ye
  3. Jen

    New Here

    Thanks! It's great to feel so welcomed!
  4. Jen

    New Here

    Thanks everyone! I'm already feeling very welcome. Looking foward to being here and getting to know folks
  5. Jen

    New Here

    Thank you! It's scary being in a new place. On one hand, I'm sad so many are here but on the other hand, it's good to know that I am not alone.
  6. Jen

    New Here

    Thank you! I hope so!
  7. Jen

    New Here

    Hi. I'm Jen and I'm new here. I'm 28, married and have 2 small boys (6 and 1). I have been in therapy off and on since my oldest was born. I've been on an almost 2 year hiatus from therapy since my 2nd was born. I never really talked much when I went. I just recently took the leap back into therapy. I went for my 2nd session this past Monday with my former therapist. She's in a new office and it seems as if my insurance isn't going to cover seeing her so I'm really not sure where I'm going from here. I have suffered with depression all my life I think. I've been diagnose with PTSD, D
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