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    Animals, especially my dog Lucy: 06/30/99 - 05/28/13... RIP Sweetheart. Mommy loves and misses you. ♥
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  1. I have not been on here for a while now and I seem to have shifted in personally. It has been six months ago I acknowledged I am the person I have been talking talking about. I am sorta out f control. I am grounded for several days now but I am so scared of loosing all of my last 15 years with the man i love. I need him like I need air. He helps me through my darkest moments be is always there.

    oh sorry I was wondering how this site works its not how it use to be. I can not seem to get around or find anyone I talked to. I was happy i found you. How are you by the way.

    1. chant2012


      Hello and thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear you're struggling. Feel free to send me a PM. Would love to talk :) 

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