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  1. Really struggling today... :( Dissociated last night while driving...

  2. I am not OK. I just am not. I don't know if I can do this. I need to talky I not well at alll. :'(

    1. Augusta


      Hi. Do you need to talk?

  3. Very confused at the things that's been happening inside my head and with my body/mind...

  4. I've been abused by many people all my life; sometimes inadvertently, but still abuse. How was I chosen for this abuse while some have never been abused? I don't understand... *confuzzled*

    1. skayt787


      because god knows you were strong enough to overcome it.

  5. So very sad and upset... It is still looming over me... I can't stop grieving... And most people get irritated at me... I just can't... I am sorry... *sobs*

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! :)

  7. Not doing too well. Been so screwed up: spiritual warfare. I know it is. God I just want some peace. I feel so gross and unworthy. Want to SI so bad. So tired. I need my Xanax.

  8. Fighting the urge to SI... Thing is, I don't even want to fight it...

  9. Today is my birthday. It doesn't feel like my birthday. Odd.

  10. I can't stand this. I am so heartbroken. I hate the feeling of grief. I want her back dammit! I wish you didn't have to die. I want you back. I can't get the feeling of your limp body to go away... :(

  11. Hey there Kevin. I know birthdays can be a trigger for many survivors and I apologize. I have been debating whether or not to wish you a happy birthday because I didn't want to bring up a day that may trigger you... But, I felt it was rude if I didn't say anything. So, "Happy Birthday!!!" in the best way possible. I hope you did something good for yourself today! Sometimes on anniversary days, we have to make good memories in place of the bad ones and let those...

    1. chant2012



      ...define the 'bad/triggery' days. I hope this is not offensive. Blessings, love, prayers, and support to you! :)

      Much love and support, your friend, Chantel ♥

  12. Made an album in my gallery for all who want to check it out. It is called "Victim No Longer: !!!Survivor!!!" It is a mix of healing photos and some ones I found cute or funny also. Blessings! ♥

  13. Hi Vet!!! Just wanted to drop in to say hi. Take gentle care.

  14. Feeling so bad lately. Not just with abuse stuff but just with life in general. Everyday things are getting to me. I NEED a job... And I am feeling so sick inside and disgusted and dirty... I don't get why people think they have the right to use us... WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS!!!!

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