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  1. What Did You Do For You Today?

    Today I am going to write some of my story in my new blog and get it out of me... Also I am going to relax and just chill today. I can focus on my classwork tomorrow... I don't have to turn in any assignments until Wed, so I can take a day off, and rest my mind and body.
  2. Hi. Had To Rejoin

    Chant, it's good to be back. I am an old member, just had to re-register like you, so I am new too again.
  3. Introduction... Again

    Hi, I am a 24-year old survivor, I have been through a bunch of assaults. The doctors have told me I am lucky to be alive, much less able to think and move about without being paralyzed by fear. I am trying to move from just being a survivor to becoming a thriver. I was on AS before it crashed. I joined for the first time in November or December of last year. I am grateful to those who have helped me. Thank you all for listening, pocketriding and supporting me during my worst times. I will be here and support those I can.