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    my family (daughter and grandson (3 yrs old)
    retired teacher and social worker
    life long learning
    nature and my dogs
    creativity (writing, photography)

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  1. I wish their was someone here that could help me, hell I wish I just had a friend. someone to just talk to but I guess that in itself would be something else.

  2. Veterans day is so hard I was nineteen back then You forty and a sergeant you raped me you bastard no honor in your life you are a damn coward
  3. I want my tears back!! You stole all my tears! I fucking want them back! I want to feel again! Feel my pain not yours!
  4. How could you hurt me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Love and violence can't coexist!!! Your "love" hurt me badly!! You were such a coward!!! I am nothing like you!!! Dad, what the hell, really!!!
  6. Hi Janepp, I do remember you!! Welcome back! I am so glad you are back here and hope you find all the support you need.........take gentle care! maley
  7. Welcome Tyanne! You are in a safe and supportive community ready to help any time! Take gentle care!
  8. Welcome to a great caring community and yes thank you for your kind words and you are so right about survivors understanding.....hope you find all the support you need take gentle care! Maley
  9. I feel hurt and sad It has been 50 years I want my life back And I will get it I am still breathing deeply I am fighting to thrive
  10. Feeling Ok, I wish you all the things you deserve in going home and nothing bad or stressful........and I love your tattoo...very moving and I was thinking of something similar.......happy for you! take gentle care! maley
  11. First you mess me up?! Then you take your life?! What the fuck was that?! Fourty years ago...like today!! I will heal from this!!!!
  12. Thank you so much Leah for the words you shared and the hug! Take gentle care maley
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