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  1. I made a bracelet...my eczema got really bad this month so I needed something to make my arm look pretty
  2. Welcome Rosa! I am glad you found this site.
  3. I looked in the mirror and gave myself a pep talk.
  4. Hello and Welcome to AS. After Silence has a very supportive community of survivors. I hope you find this site to be helpful. It is nice to meet you. Equalitee
  5. Welcome to After Silence. We are all here to support you and listen. Equalitee
  6. Hello rocdiva4040, welcome to aftersilence since i have joined i have found members here very supportive and understanding take care
  7. Hello Liams, Welcome to After Silence.
  8. Hello Colette, Welcome to After Silence.
  9. Equalitee


    Hello twb. Welcome to After Silence
  10. Hello Crystal, Welcome to AfterSilence. This is your introduction so the I's don't seem selfish to me. Nice to meet you.
  11. Hello Shimmeringlights and welcome to After Silence.
  12. Welcome to After Silence Seraphim. I am sorry for what you have experienced/ing and I am also sorry to learn what the women in Korea are also experiencing. I understand your feelings of violation and isolation. If you ever feel like talking, feel free to message me.
  13. Came back to say I absolutely love your blog Oliver , thank you for sharing
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